Top 4 Reasons You Should Add LED Light Therapy to Your Next Spa Treatment

When it comes to spa treatments we all want more bang for our buck, right? LED Light Therapy is a great way to get better results from your facial or massage with zero downtime, pain, or side effects. Sounds too good to be true, but it’s not!

Here are the top 4 reasons you must add Celluma LED Light Therapy to your facial or skin care treatment.

  1. Reduce signs of aging by stimulating Collagen and Elastin

  2. Eliminate acne-causing bacteria

  3. Anti-inflammatory

  4. Relieve muscle and joint pain

Celluma LED Light Therapy is no joke! It is scientifically proven, FDA cleared and backed by NASA! Enhance the benefits of your facial, skin care treatment or massage! Research has shown that LED blue light kills P. acne bacteria (acne causing bacteria) and LED red light stimulates collagen and elastin. Red light is known as the “anti-aging light”. Near infrared light relieves muscle and joint pain,stiffness, spasms, and arthritis. LED Light Therapy can also increase circulation, decrease inflammation, improve skin tone and texture, and help your skin to retain moisture.

Need more reason to try it? There are zero harmful rays. It is completely safe with no side effects. Just beautiful, glowing skin!